Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GiT notes

I'm been using Git for a while at work, here just a few commands i use on a daily basis... just as a reminder for me: 

User details:

git config --global user.name "Daniel Morales" git config --global user.email daniel@isp.com

Clone a repository:

git clone ssh://USERNAME@git.server.com/PATH/TO/MODULE

Create a new branch (locally):

git branch "new_branch_name"

Checkout a branch:

git checkout "branch_name"

Update changes from server:

git pull

Commit changes:

git commit

Add files:

git add /path/tho/file.c

View local changes:

git diff

View log:

git log

Reset (revert) changes of a single file:

git reset HEAD /path/to/file.c

Push (upload) changes to server:

git push

Push a new branch (created locally) to server:

git push origin "branch_name"

Run a git command, in 'testing' mode (it doesn't affect anything):

Add --dry-run as an option of any git command you use.

Download a branch from server:

git remote fetch origin

Setup a local branch to track the remote branch:

git branch --track [local-name] origin/remote-name

Switch to local-name:

git checkout [local-name]

Un trackfile:

git rm --cached application.log

Initial PUSH:

git push origin master

Apply a patch:

git apply patchname.diff