My name is Daniel Morales and i live in Minas, Uruguay. Currently work as web/ mobile developer and been doing this for the past few years.

Besides my work i’m an open source enthusiast and contributed to some projects.

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Every-Year-New Year's Resolutions:
  1. Don't let my blog die again
  2. Finish my own projects for once (or at least one).....
  3. Don't let my blog die again
  4. Delete all the social networks i have left and go outside during daytime
  5. Don't let my blog die again
  6. Stop having a million sites across the whole web to show the only 2 things people think i know.
  7. Don't let my blog die again
  8. Fix my blog design or just pick a new theme; preferably one that doesn't make people want to bang their head against their keyboard (not that i care, but i lose a lot of recurrent visitors)
  9. Don't let my blog die again
  10. Get a life (only after the previous ones are completed)